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I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis which is very demanding in all aspects of my life and this is my story on how I deal with it on a day to day basis.

I have been spending lots of time recently researching arthritis and pregnancy, there isnt loads of information out there and the most helpful thing i have found to date is forums and hearing other peoples story. This just confirms to me why I am 'blogging', if someone like me wants to know they are not on their own.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Well last week was different! I woke up at 4a.m Monday morning being ill and then had sudden immense pressure low down and intense pains, I thought I was in labour! The pain and pressure was still there by midday at which point I called the midwife. I was really scared, far too early for baby to arrive and I am so not ready yet. The midwife came and checked on me, said it could be a sign of early labour and to call hospital if it got any worse. She also told me babies head was down. This done nothing to relieve my panic.
The pain or pressure didn't go but I managed to sleep, and felt reassured as I had an antenatal appointment at the hospital the following day anyway, so I'd be in the best place if anything did happen. Tuesday morning the pressure was still awful, feeling like I needed to wee but nothing was coming out. The pains kept coming in waves too. The appointment was the normal 28 week check and glucose tolerance test which I had been dreading as they can never get my veins. However the appointment went really well. 9a.m first blood test after fasting from 10p.m, followed by a special drink. Then the usual checks and got to hear babies heartbeat again. (I never get over how amazing this is!) Midwife was concerned with how I was feeling though and as I had a two hour wait before the second blood test she got me in to see the doctor who was able to confirm while babies head was down it wasn't engaged but to get in touch if the pain gets worse. After this the pain began to ease thankfully, becoming less frequent, however definitely experiencing Braxton hicks! Pressure is still here but must be the new position the baby is in and it's growing weight. Second blood test went smoothly too, yay! I was glad that was over.
Friday, brought my first appointment with my new rheumatologist consultant. Another awful experience so it will also be the last, I have requested a change of consultant. She had the inability to listen and could not seem to understand I constantly ache and I'm in pain. She kept saying, "well IF it's psoriatic arthritis", "if it's bursitis". OMG, the 4 minutes she spent reading my notes evidently were not enough. I have arthritis and have done for over 10 years now. I was on a cocktail of drugs before suspending them so I could safely have a baby. I am in constant pain and live with it everyday. This appointment was so that I could discuss other drugs available to try once baby arrives and have it available to commence immediately following birth. Instead, she'll see me after the birth and talk about it then. As I say she had the inability to listen! So the hour and 20 minute wait for my appointment and the appointment itself was a complete waste of time. Looks like again I will have to rely on my persistence to push through the pain until I have the chance to see a capable rheumatologist which can at least try and help make my life more comfortable.
While I was in the appointment I chased up my physio appointment which the Locum had requested at the start of September; which I was told I'd get an appointment for within 2 weeks to try and help my hip pain, to hopefully alleviate some of it prior to labour. I had called at the start of October to chase it up to be told it was still going through the triage system as they had a backlog and I would have an appointment soon. Friday the receptionist told me they were up to date, and had no request for my physio so I would need the consultant to do another referral. So i requested this and nearly had the referral form in my hand, when she decided she wanted to look at my hip. At this point she decided she wanted to send me for an ultrasound before I had any physio. The receptionist sent me to the ultrasound department saying they would just do it the same day. After getting lost in the hospital corridors I found myself (with the help of a porter) in the ultrasound department. I checked with a staff member as there was no receptionist that I was in the right place. I was and only had 25 minute wait for the department to open. So more sitting around waiting and when the receptionist turned up we were then told that they would make me and appointment and send it through in the post. Excellent, so now it looks like I'll have 3-4+ weeks wait for the ultrasound of my hip and then they will decide if I should have physio which is what i want to try and help the pain as I will continue with 'no drugs' for the health of my baby! No doubt it will then take 3-4 weeks to get a physio appointment. So if I am lucky I might get the physio before I pop! BUT with only 11 weeks left its going to be a close call.

I cant wait to be able to blog, one day, that I have had an awesome and really productive appointment. The 3 and a bit hours at the hospital was torture!!! I hate hospitals.

On a lighter note my little one is very active and keeps kicking me to remind me of its presence. Still weighing less than I was at the start of the pregnancy, I am trying to enjoy it all as much as possible. 29 weeks and 1 day today, not long left!!!!

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  1. I think you are very brave to go through it without any pain relief, I was taking my maximum allowance of codeine and paracetamol. Plenty of hot baths and hot water bottles too. And a bed covered in extra pillows and blankets to prop things and keep me as comfortable as possible.