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I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis which is very demanding in all aspects of my life and this is my story on how I deal with it on a day to day basis.

I have been spending lots of time recently researching arthritis and pregnancy, there isnt loads of information out there and the most helpful thing i have found to date is forums and hearing other peoples story. This just confirms to me why I am 'blogging', if someone like me wants to know they are not on their own.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Over the initial hurdle

So, the injection itself was fine. Unlike previously when I had to inject myself, I managed to do it straight away. No working myself up into a state! Also, in contrast to enbrel which is the drug I used to inject, I couldn't even feel it. Afterwards the site of the injection stung for a short while, but all in all I'm feeling positive.

Next week, I haven't got to go to the hospital to be supervised doing it, I will just be doing it myself at home and I'm actually feeling OK about it.

I'm still going to bed nervous tonight, the dreaded side effects, all I can hear myself saying is ' don't be sick, don't be sick, don't be sick'. Fingers crossed I will wake up in the morning side effect free, and who knows this journey may even take me to one day waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed, symptom free! So I may be dreaming but we can all hope.

I left the hospital today with my support I went in with (mummy and kids - hubby was working), paperwork regarding the medication or as it is also referred to subcutaneous chemotherapy treatment (how scary does that sound? 😧), 4 weeks worth of injections and an oversized sharps box. I really am starting to look like a pharmacy with my collection! My 3 year old son was very helpful and carried the sharps box, my poor kids, hospitals and drs are like their second home. On the positive, hopefully they shouldn't have any fears of hospitals!

I will update my journey as it goes, thanks for reading 😊.

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