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Saturday, 3 March 2012

I am NOT a yo-yo

After leaving a message on the rheumatology helpline on Monday evening and still not hearing anything by Thursday I was getting pretty impatient that I resulted to calling the line for the department instead. Lets bear in mind they say they will respond to messages from the advice line within 48 hours. The phone line to the department kept ringing with no answer. Eventually Friday morning I got through and all they could tell me was to call the advice line.

By this time I am pretty annoyed so end up leaving quite a short message on the advice line - saying I'm quite anxious to understand the results and I have been worrying about them for the last week. At lunch time I went for a team lunch and typically they chose to call me back then.

Lets wind me up - as if I'm not feeling rough enough at the moment what with my general arthritis pain, sore throat, ear ache and still having the never ending cold along with dealing with my seizures. Yes lets make this worried, and by this point pretty annoyed patient even angrier.

Its OK apparently I have had a positive result on a Lupus test which my surgery notified me off but the rheumatology department cannot discuss results over the phone and will just discuss it in my next appointment as it is ONLY part of diagnosis. What? My next appointment? You mean the one at the end of June? I DON'T think so.

So I let them know I'm not prepared to wait this long and they tell me I will have to get my GP to write to the consultant to get them to see me earlier. I am NOT a yo-yo, the Dr sent me here! She tells me she cant just book an appointment. 2 minutes later I have an appointment with my consultant on 19th March. Why did I have to kick up such a fuss though, can they not understand I'm a person; who is genuinely worried. I am always ill (as I told her) and just want this sorted. On top of this I need to know if these results are going to have any bearing on having a child; really something I cant wait until June for. I don't know how I keep it together as much as I do; not sure the people in the restaurant would agree though as I gradually raised my voice during the phone-call. To all the girls at work, I apologise for any embarrassment I caused.

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