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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Giving Up Sex or Food?

I am absolutely exhausted today; struggling to keep my eyes open and don't really feel like I am even in this world today.

I ventured out yesterday with my sister-in-law; it was quite surreal as I haven't really been out in weeks. We went into town shopping for birthday presents. Maybe I was a little too adventurous as I am certainly paying the price today; in a lot of pain. We were in town a few hours and I only had one fit which was minimal and had helped alleviate some of the worry I had about going out. This is good to know as week after next I am hopefully going back to work providing the neurologist appointment goes OK on Monday.

I thought I would be quite apprehensive about Monday but at the moment I am feeling fine about it actually quite excited as it means that I am that much closer to going back to work.

When in town yesterday it was amazing looking around at what was going on around me; I have been used to the same 4 walls but there were people. I had a little giggle when I heard two Young girls talking about what they would give up first, 'Sex or Food?'

Hmmmm, what a question? In order to achieve the desired outcome of having a family giving up Sex would not be to helpful at the moment; somewhat of a necessity in order to make a baby but food is important to stay healthy for a baby to grow as well. 

It is quite amusing when trying for a baby how Sex becomes part of your routine; luckily it has not yet become a chore. However my tired hubby may disagree. Its best to stay relaxed about it and not put too much pressure on ourselves  and we have found ourselves quite literally laughing throughout the deed.

We have a 60th party to go to next weekend so my lovely husband took me into town again today so that I could get an outfit; but as I feel so BLAH at the moment I ended up getting grumpy with my body and I have decided I will just find something in the wardrobe at home. I didn't mean to be ungrateful but I bet that's how I sounded. I'm just not all that comfortable with my body at the moment; its winter so you naturally eat that little more to keep warm, plus I comfort eat when I feel low which is obviously how I am feeling after sitting at home for so long. I will get back on track once I am back at work but there is only so much I can think about and on top of everything else at the moment; eating habits just aren't at the top of my list. So the answer should probably be food, but maybe I will just start by giving up the worst foods. Dessert, sweets, chocolate!

My plan for the rest of the weekend is to rest up in the warm in readiness for Mondays neurology appointment as well as a friends birthday meal Sunday evening but that should be quite relaxed.

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  1. Sounds like you have some fun things coming up :). I hope you are doing well.