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Monday, 23 January 2012

Rheumy Visit

Rheumy appointment today and it wasn't too bad. For some reason my appointment had been booked in with a different consultant; someone I've never seen before. This put me on edge a bit as I was a bit apprehensive at how they would handle my questions about the possibility of this being Lupus. 50 minutes after my appointment time I was seen and the consultant was lovely. Whilst she did not think Lupus was likely -  she did not dismiss it, and ensured that sufficient blood tests were ordered. As it happens I had an ANA test (which tests for Lupus) back in 2004; this was negative but from what I've read can happen and can be different when tested at a different time. So the bloods which have been taken today will hopefully provide some answers one way or another.

I was even brave with my blood tests today and chanced my luck with the pathologists at the hospital trying to put my previous bad experiences behind me. They got my blood easy and its now all out the way just a waiting game for the result and a little bit of a bruise.

So my Mum spent the morning running me around and when we got back I made her lunch but now I am absolutely exhausted and looking forward to getting in bed tonight; a well deserved lay in for me tomorrow.

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  1. Hello lovely, glad you got through the appointment and well done on getting your bloods done - have a sticker for being brave!
    Just uploaded another post on my blog. You reminded me to do one!!
    Love OUTD xx