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I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis which is very demanding in all aspects of my life and this is my story on how I deal with it on a day to day basis.

I have been spending lots of time recently researching arthritis and pregnancy, there isnt loads of information out there and the most helpful thing i have found to date is forums and hearing other peoples story. This just confirms to me why I am 'blogging', if someone like me wants to know they are not on their own.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Practise for when we have a baby

So grateful that I was able to sleep through last night; I really needed it. I suppose its getting practise in for when we have a baby. Friday night I only got about 2 hours as the pain was so immense I could not get comfortable and every time I moved it hurt. Then Saturday my cold decides to come out again, only a few hours sleep again and I managed to get through a whole toilet roll trying to keep my nose excretment off the bed covers. By doing this I woke up yesterday morning looking like Rudolph and to go with the red nose, red, sore crusty lips! Attractive. I was dreading another night of clock watching whilst contending with the pain, the cold and my tight chest and cough! But all in all it wasn't bad, I slept through. The pain however does have a habit of taking over my dreams. I have lots of pain dreams; they vary, some being not very nice dreams and some being so bad I wake up in tears. The problem with the pain dreams whichever the degree is that they are so vivid and feel so real.

So I cant really talk about these dreams without giving you an example so I will use last nights as they were some of the milder. I went to a 'work camp' and it was run by Apes; everyone literally had to fight to survive until the Apes were satisfied. I somehow got hold of a champagne glass and broke it so I only had the stem and used this as a weapon. When all of this was over they then confirmed that all the survivors were pregnant (if females) or expectant fathers (if males) but I was pregnant with a Dog! Yes, a dog!

They're weird and sometimes quite scary although the worst dreams have to be where people close to me die or leave me. On occasions I even wake up feeling guilty as I have cheated on my hubby in my dream. I found this a really tough subject to approach with him as I cant lie even about something which hasn't really happened and the feeling of guilt was too much to bear. He has told me not to be silly they are only dreams but it is how vivid they are and when I am dreaming I cant determine that its not reality.

Pain is a strange thing, it can do lots of different things to you. Not helped at the moment by the fact I am in front of the TV all day currently. You couldn't guess I watched 4 of the planet of the Ape films last week? I used to blame the crazy dreams on the cocktail of medication I was on; it wasn't until I came off these in August that I even linked the dreams to the pain.

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